Bastards' Road



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Jon Hancock fought in the Battle of Ramadi with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines historically known as

the Magnificent Bastards.

They suffered the highest casualty rate in the Iraq War.

1 in 4 were wounded or killed.


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The memory of combat
never fades.


After leaving the Marine Corps in 2009, Hancock battled PTSD.

He found himself caught in a cycle of anger, violence, alcoholism and isolation.

In 2015, Jon embarked upon a monumental journey –
5,800 miles across the country...
on foot.

He set out to visit fellow veterans and families of the fallen, while confronting his own demons alone on the open road.

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A natural storyteller overflowing with honesty, insight, heart and hilarity –

Jon is a bridge

connecting veterans to all those who love them, to civilians struggling to understand them, and to the communities that support them.


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Bastards’ Road

is a story of pain, hope and redemption.

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About The Film



After learning about Jon's walk, filmmaker Brian Morrison made numerous trips to accompany Jon at key points along his journey. Over the course of 12 months on the road, Morrison was able to capture bits and pieces of Jon's story, which was slowly evolving into something that neither had anticipated it would become. Spending time with Jon and his 2/4 Marine brothers was a very humbling and eye-opening experience for Morrison and he realized this was a story that needs to be told – not just for veterans struggling with PTSD, but for civilians as well.



Veteran Statistics

Alarming Numbers

  • More than 20 veterans kill themselves every day.
  • Risk for suicide is 22% higher among veterans than non-veterans.
  • Suicide rates are highest among veterans between 18 and 29 years old.


Since 2001

  • The number of veterans with a 50% (or higher) disability rating has more than doubled.
  • The number of veterans with substance abuse disorders has increased more than 50%.


Making A Difference

Bastards’ Road gives insight and hope to a misunderstood and marginalized population who are taking their own lives at an unprecedented rate. Most people understand the ultimate sacrifice made by some war-fighters on the battlefield, but few realize there's a different type of sacrifice made by those who make it home. Their combat experiences have forever changed their lives.

There are many reasons it is so difficult for combat veterans to reintegrate back into society. Some of these challenges include survivor's guilt, moral injury from wartime situations, being stigmatized by civilians and PTSD. To compound these issues, veterans often feel isolated when they become separated from their biggest support network – their brothers in combat.

Unfortunately, the treatment available to veterans is largely centered around medication and is often misguided and ineffective.

We believe Bastards’ Road can open eyes, start critical conversations, promote a better understanding of veterans and the issues they struggle with, and even help rethink what treatment and healing means.


The Crew




Brian Morrison is a film producer and videographer based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. He produces music videos, commercials and corporate videos. Bastards' Road is his first documentary project.




Mark Stafford is a writer based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. He writes novels, verse and screenplays. His unique experience and insight brings the narrative of Bastards' Road to life.


SH Griffith


Jeremy SH Griffith is a multi instrumentalist, producer and mixer based in Florida. He has worked with artists such as Johnny Swim, Norma Jean, Sunbears and Old Sea Brigade. He has previously scored the film Dare Not Walk Alone from Indican Pictures.